Foreign Investments

JII has been counseling foreign investors who seek to anchor their presence in Bulgaria and the region for more than a decade. Our clients include domestic and international public and private investors, both individuals and corporations, fund managers and their sponsors and principals.


The range of services provided by JII encompasses inter alia:

  • Developing tailored structures for foreign investment in Bulgaria and the region, in particular in the area of private equity investment in companies operating on the construction and real-estate market, as well as on the IT and healthcare market;
  • Assisting with the incorporation, registration and compliance of private companies in Bulgaria;
  • Assisting with the acquisition, sale, restructuring and disposal of a portfolio of companies;
  • Working closely with clients through the formation, capital-raising and investment process to identify issues, develop practical solutions and to provide an informed view of the market;
  • Advising on management issues and investment opportunities, together with  monitoring the legal aspects of the potential investees and their operations in Bulgaria;
  • Executing comprehensive corporate due diligence;
  • Implementing the formation of special-purpose vehicles or negotiating preferential terms in order to help minimize the risk and maximize the value of an investment;
  • Structuring and executing exit transactions.


In recent years, JII has successfully assisted several major foreign stakeholders in obtaining Class A Investor Certificates from the Bulgarian Investment Agency, as well as in participating in a number of administrative procedures under the auspices of the Bulgarian regulatory authorities.