Debt Enforcement, Restructuring and Insolvency

We provide counselling, and also litigate, in all areas of debt enforcement, restructuring and in insolvency. Furthermore, we strive to guide our clients through the hardships of financial difficulties by assisting them in setting up contingency plans and restructuring measures.


We take a multi-disciplinary approach to meeting clients’ needs and expectations. Our team brings together the skills of market leading lawyers specialising in Insolvency, Corporate Law, M&A, Litigation, Employment Law and Tax Law. They have in-depth experience of advising domestic and foreign corporations, as well as individuals – both debtors and creditors – who are entangled in debt recovery or insolvency proceedings.


JII offers its clients a full range of services in debt enforcement, restructuring and insolvency, including:


  • Debt recovery proceedings;
  • Out-of-court restructuring;
  • Voluntary liquidation;
  • Insolvencies, initiated voluntarily by the debtor, or ordered by the court upon a creditor’s request, including the handling of the creditors’ claims in the course of ongoing insolvency proceedings;
  • Strategies for investors/creditors to obtain control of troubled companies;
  • Distressed M&A including acquiring assets out of formal insolvency proceedings;
  • Insolvency litigation.